Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Ah, yes, good to see you once again! I do so appreciate both your service and your company. My studies prevent me from attending to these chores. Kingdoms often wait in the balance of my work, as you know. Well, not my work alone, but you've seen how my peers come to me for consultation. Yes, well, fine, perhaps I should be a tad more humble about it, but I've every reason to be proud of my accomplishments.

My work of late goes well, and thank you for inquiring. A friend of mine has asked me to craft a hypothesis on the long-term effects from repeated force-healed with the Ragatha domain. I do hope he hasn't gotten himself into trouble. He has been known to, experiment, in the past.

Sadly, the King’s condition deteriorates rapidly, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Men grow old and die. This is true even for the greatest of wizards. But I understand Ignatius to be a dutiful, intelligent, and thoughtful boy. He has been raised to be king, and so he shall. Not that that makes him the best or most interesting child of his generation.

Interesting? Yes, I suppose I did tease you with that. Well, Ignatius’ cousin is an intriguing young man. I’ve not really gotten to know him well. I've really only seen him while entertaining for the court. But even there, you can see how aloof and distracted he is. That’s his reputation, at least. But I know better.

The boy hides in plain sight, and he’s done so with appalling ease for one so young. There are things which he cannot hide though, things which not everyone can see. But, if you’re gifted with magic, and if you look closely, you will see the spark he holds inside. He’s an adept of Salsae. They are born, seemingly at random, with magic inside them. That magic can be channeled through the host’s body, making them stronger, faster, more agile, and even more resilient than mortal men. But only I, Dim, the simple house mage and scholar, seem to have noticed.

Oh, damn you cunning little bastard! I should not have told you of Patient Sail’s power. It is at least impolite to out him so. Please, forgive the vanity upon which you so deftly played. Keep Sail’s secret. It is not yours to reveal.

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